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The body is brilliant!

In this video I say, “The body has a way of betraying us.” To better explain, I believe strongly that our bodies are brilliant at telling us what we need, when we hide past traumas and feelings that we are ready to heal, when we are not being true to ourselves, etc. The body betrays us when we think we are on track but when we are actually not listening.

Healing on all levels

PIES – the Physical, the Intellectual, the Emotion, and the Spiritual – was and is crucial for me in finding more wholeness.

Other resources:

2008 Energetic body work – trauma excavation session of Katherine Ann

Caution – content may be considered disturbing

In this Christmas message from 1975, “As Many As Received Him,” Granddaddy talks about being faithful in fulfilling our purpose for our lives. We make time to plug in our cell phones every day, and we also need to plug ourselves into God as the Source of our power. I call this time sitting with God meditation and centered prayer. Granddaddy’s notes read, “Not everyone received Jesus when he was on earth. The same is true today. But, oh! To those who receive Him, He gives power to become what God wants them to be – His children.” (John 1:12)