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I have two extraordinary daughters, ages 25 and 22, along with an incredible husband and three awesome stepsons. The seven of us lived together in a home in Boulder, Colorado before selling it in 2021 after our youngest child went off to college. My husband and I now reside in Erie, just east of Boulder. I enjoy yoga, biking, cooking, and connecting with others.

In this video, I share that on their wedding night, my father told my mother he was a homosexual and asked my mother to cure him of his disease. “Homosexual” and “disease” are the terminology that my father used. In August of 1972, my father gave my mother an article from the Medical Aspects of Human Sexuality Journal entitled, “Why Homosexuals Marry Women” by Barry M Dank.

“He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands”

This sermon by my grandfather, Dr. J. Frederick Wilson, was recorded by Katherine Ann’s uncle, Paul Logue, on March 9, 1975, in Columbus, Georgia, while my grandfather was the minister of St. Paul United Methodist Church. I think this provides wonderful advice on what to do when we, as humans, get overwhelmed and frustrated with life. As such, I recommend it to anyone, no matter what your religious orientation is. My grandfather talks of his own experiences of getting overwhelmed when working with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during the Albany Movement in 1959. His notes on this sermon, (Using Acts 2:36) say, “God so loved the world – not just a part of it, not just particular persons in it. Christ’s arms outstretched on the cross symbolize God’s concern and care for all His children. Each one may find a place in his great heart of love.”

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